Wedding Toast

Wedding Toast

Weddings are one of the most important celebrations that we can participate in. Making a wedding toast is something that you may not think about in all of your preparation, but a planned and well written toast can be the highlight of an evening. Conversely, an unplanned and poorly presented toast can be a real downer. With the honor of participation in a wedding comes great responsibility. Whether you are the best man, bridegroom, a family member, or just a guest attending the wedding, preparing a toast is important. If the occasion does not arise during the reception for your toast, you will at least have something original to say when the wedding videographer stops by your table.

wedding toast

Practice makes perfect. Try out your speech in front of a mirror, or bounce it off of a friend or relative beforehand. This is especially true for those of us who have trouble speaking in front of crowds. There is a certain comfort level that is created with preparation.

There are five elements to a good wedding toast or speech:

Humor – be appropriate for your audience. Humor from personal memories is best appreciated.
Relevance – breaking off on tangents is a no no. Keep your thoughts towards Romance, Friendship, and other subjects appropriate for a wedding.
Simplicity – express your thoughts and ideas in such a manner and using vocabulary that everyone at the wedding can understand.
Structure – know what you want to say ahead of time and how you want to say it.
Ending – End your toast with something that will bring your audience to raise their glasses


For your ending, here are a few suggestions that toast the couple:

  • May your hearts beat as one from this day forward.
  • May your lives be filled with joy, good health, and a lifetime of happiness.
  • May the road you travel together be filled with love and success.
  • May you always look into each others eyes the same way you did the day you fell in love.