Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

“The Question” has been asked on bended knee. And it has been answered…

Now it’s time to plan the biggest event of your life.

There are a million details that need your attention, but none is more important than the photography for wedding. The photographer will spend a lot of time with you – not just during the ceremony, but for engagement and pre and post wedding pictures. So choosing the right wedding photographer is a vital part of planning your wedding.

wedding photography

After all, once the ceremony is completed – the cake is cut and eaten, and the guests, the band and caterers have all gone home – you look forward to reliving the day through the wedding photos. You will look back at them time and again in the years to come, so your choice of the wedding photographer is crucial. A great photographer will highlight the smallest detail perfectly, while a bad one could make a gorgeous bride look rumpled even if she wears an expensive and exquisite wedding gown.
Friends and family may give you advice on how to choose the right photographer, but at the end of the day you have to hire one who shares and understands your vision of the event. Wedding photography is a very creative and challenging field. There are many different ways to shoot the same view, and while some couples may like a formal look, others may prefer the professional to portray the wedding in a more fun and intimate way.

Do Your Research

When brides look for ideas for a wedding, they often look through wedding magazines for different examples of the type of look and theme they want. It is also helpful to visit venues and speak to wedding specialists to get a better idea of your options. Such professionals can make plenty of suggestions that will be in keeping with the kind of wedding you have in mind. Once you have your venue and a basic idea of the types of photographs you’d like, it ‘s time to start looking for the right person for the job.

It is a good idea to research many companies. Ask friends and family for recommendations and utilize the internet. Look through as many portfolios as you can until you narrow your choices down to a few that seem compatible. Though experience does matter, it isn’t everything when it comes to choosing the right wedding photographer.

Depending on the size of the wedding, you may need more than one photographer on the big day. It is important to personally meet with the photographers who would work with you on your big day. This will help you understand if your personalities click and ensure that your day will run smoothly. The more the professional understands you and your partner, the better the chance of him or her capturing your relationship in the right light.


Meeting with several wedding photographers may also reveal some great ideas about the ways you can incorporate your venue into your pictures. Details, such as the time of the ceremony and the reception, and if you wish to take wedding shots outside, are critical to the way you will look and the outcome of the pictures. Have your potential photographers show you examples of weddings they have shot in similar venues and make sure they understand your vision.

There are many rituals and traditions involved with weddings. Some are religious and some are personal, such as the process of choosing the perfect wedding dress. Choosing a photographer is also a process, and it is one of the most important elements of wedding planning. After all the hard work of planning, it would be unfortunate to end up with mediocre wedding pictures.

The bridal photographer will cover all the bridal events before and during the wedding, so you want to be sure he will capture everything exactly the way you want and that you will be able to communicate well. Only finalize the your contract with a company after you have a met a few and weighed all the practical considerations, as well as your gut feeling about the professional you would work with on the day of.