Regulated Or Unregulated – Which Is The Best Box MOD?

Electronic cigarettes and the act of vaping has been around long enough that it is no longer the “new” thing to do. It is an industry that has quickly grown and is still growing. There are easily thousands of mods available today and choosing the one that is right for an individual can be challenging and confusing.

A newbie vaper may go into a vape shop and ask them for recommendations and suggestions. One of the first things the shop keep will ask is if they want regulated or unregulated box MOD.  Myself, as a non-smoker and no idea about electronic cigarettes, my first thought would be “Is the unregulated illegal?” And I would be wrong!  We’re going to explain what this means and how it breaks down for the vaper.

Regulated versus Unregulated

The electrical design of box Mods is the best way and the largest way to categorize vaporizers. When they say regulated or unregulated, this refers to the internal designs, which are distinctly different and give the user two completely different experiences. For the beginner, this is the best place to get started. And with that being said, you should learn the differences so that you can narrow down your search.

The Regulated

The regulated box mod is a vaporizer that is equipped with a chip which gives the box mod a lot of features and functions. For example, an LED screen that displays a excess of information which opens the door for many more features that can be enjoyed while vaping. The chips add features like such as bypass mode, customized curve of temperature, customized curve of wattage, temperature control, variable wattage, and more. More information about regulated mods can be found on this website –

The Safety Features This Box MOD Offers

The regulated Box MODS have many reliable safety features that minimize the risks of being harmed while vaping. As long as the user makes sure their battery is charged up to the proper amperage and the tank is compatible, along with common sense, you can enjoy vaping with ease.

The Unregulated aka as Mech Mods

There is quite a bit of difference between the regulated and unregulated box MOD with the biggest one being the power. The unregulated box mod is recommended for experienced vapers that know about the importance of battery safety.

The unregulated box mod doesn’t regulate the battery, meaning that when it has reached full charge, 80W, it will vape fine. As it weakens, it will still vape until the unit runs out of e-juice.   The mechanical box mods on the hand, will vape at what you set it until the batteries dies.

Fewer Features

The safety features are another significant difference between the regulated box mods and the unregulated box mods. Whereas a regulated box mod will have many safety features for the vapers protection and the battery’s protection, the unregulated box mods do not have any safety features – none.

They are made of a tube that has a battery inside it or they are a box mod equipped with a battery sled and some wires that hook up to the power button. There isn’t any chipset and that means you won’t have any feature that we mentioned above in the regulated box mods, like temperature control and variable wattage. You also won’t get that LED screen that displays the information about your atomizer information or the wattage. An unregulated box mod is the bare bones model.