Advice for Choosing a Best Man

Advice for Choosing a Best Man

If your girlfriend has accepted your wedding proposal, there’s no doubt you have lots of exciting times ahead. You’ll be busy organising the wedding, working out a suitable location, perhaps you’ll even be lucky enough to work out where you wish to go for a honeymoon. However, one thing to do before all of that is to select a best man.

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Choosing a best man for some people is easier than for others. If you’ve got a great friend that has known you for all of your life, it is most possibly an easy decision for you as to who your best man will be. On the other hand, you may have a number of good friends and are faced with the prospect of upsetting one of them if they are not selected.

At times like this, it is important to remember whose wedding it actually is. It is certainly OK to be a little selfish at your own wedding and most sensible people will appreciate this. For my own wedding, I had a number of great friends to consider for the task of best man. In the end I decided upon two people, you see there are no hard and fast rules to follow. If two best men make sense for you, then why not go for it. One of my best men is a fantastic organizer, I knew that he would be able to arrange a great party before the wedding and ensure all of my guests had a great time. Unfortunately, I also knew that he was a very nervous public speaker. My other friend loves to show off in public and was perfect to do the best man’s traditional speech.

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So there you go, choose a best man that will give you and your guests the most value. A best man who takes his job seriously will ensure a time that everyone remembers for the rest of his or her lives.